25/8 deals

Conclude the agreements online
Reconcile the documents and contract details in negotiations
Sign the result with a Digital Signature
Get a legally binding document

Negotiation with no limits

Hold the corporate discussions and public meetings of tender committees between participants who are at any distance from each other.

The navigation on deals statuses is easy to get and to use


invite partners to join and let them explore the required documents


the active stage of negotiation that will be documented.


create a negotiation protocol, which can be used as a document in the presence of EDS


the applying of EDS and creation of a legally valid formal agreement from negotiation protocol

Choose a public or closed format

Public deals

all users of 25h8 system can monitor the progress of negotiations

Closed deals

only invited participants have an access to viewing and taking part in negotiations

Wide setting opportunities

Provide individual negotiators the right to sign the final protocol.
Invite to join even those partners, who are not registered in the 25h8.com.
Bring to a vote controversial issues and take shared solutions.

Become a part of our 25h8 community

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